Full Valets

Is exactly that! Everything inside your boat gets cleaned. All  removable mattress covers are machine washed, headlinings cleaned, heads, galleys, ovens, fridges, bilges cleaned, leather seats cleaned and treated, wood polished, internal metal polished and carpets and upholstery shampooed using our specialist spray/extraction machine. We also have an anti bacterial odour fogging system which can penetrate every inch of your boat's interior, killing off any bacteria lingering anywhere! This is very popular with purchasers of second hand craft wanting to create an as new feel to their boat.

Part Valets

Should you not require such an extensive valet service, you can pick and choose what you would like us to do to your craft or have us inspect it and advise you what we think needs doing!

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Sidelinings, headlings, cupboard linings, carpets and seat covers can all be shampooed using our specialist twin motor spray / extraction machine. This lifts all dirt and odours out of the fabric leaving them clean and smelling fresh!

Leather cleanse and protect treaments

To keep you leather seats clean and supple, nothing beats the product we use! It’s a 2 step process, firstly the deep cleanse to remove soiling from the grain of the leather, then moisturise to restore moisture to the surface and help keep the leather soft and supple, prolonging its life and your enjoyment from it!

Engine bay and bilge cleans

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than an engine and engine bay that you can eat your dinner off! And if your selling your boat perspective buyers will also agree. A clean engine bay gives the impression that a boat has been loved and cared for in all the right areas, whereas a rust filled, oilly engine bay just screams out “potential problems ahead”! Its also very important for the safety and reliability of your vessel, as leaks are far easier detected on a clean, dry surface, rather than in a bilge which already has 4 inches of dirty oilly water in!

Anti bacterial odour neutralising fogging system

This service is a machine that fills interior spaces with an anti-bacterial fog which is designed to remove unwanted odours. It is only effective after the source of the odour has been fixed / removed so a full cabin valet is recommended beforehand. After this process, we can offer you a choice of scents to use in your boat dispatched via the same machine.

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