Polishing / compounding / waxing

If your boats grp has been damaged by uv rays and has turned dull and milky then it requires compounding with a machine polisher to restore a deep shine. In extreme cases, a process called ‘wet –flatting’ has to be used; different grades of very fine abrasive paper are used to remove the damaged oxidised layer of gelcoat revealing a fresh layer which is then machine polished with abrasive compounds to a showroom finish! We always recommend 2 coats of high quality wax be applied after this process as this creates a uv barrier that the sun will break down over time before attacking the grp on your boat and starting the fading process all over again. If your boats grp still has a good shine on it, then it’s a good idea to protect that by hand polishing and waxing which is much less labour intensive compared to compounding with a machine.

Grp renovation

Throughout the year your boat may pick up some scratches and light damage caused by fender scratches and mooring mishaps, with our grp renovation service we can make these problems disappear. Providing the scratches arent too deep, using the wet flatting process we can remove those unsightly scratches. If the gelcoat needs a repair we can either arrange for a repair or recommend another contractor to you. Please refer to the photos of ‘sin bin’ in the gallery section to see just what is possible!

Regular washing

Whether it be a one-off service, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or on-demand wash service you require, south coast yacht care are happy to help. We will power wash grp decks to remove stains, brush the hull with soft telescopic brushes, sponge the superstructure and cockpit area including locker gutters, clean canvas by brush and leather it all dry at the end. Some customers like us to run engines up to temperature and check everything is working correctly whilst we are carrying out this service. We can also provide a tailor made cleaning program to suit you and your vessells needs, should you require any extra services for example metal polishing at certain intervals throughout the year.

Metal polishing

Stainless steel work on your boat will inevitably become tarnished and rust stained as time goes by. South coast yacht care can restore the sparkle back into your stainless steel with specialist metal compounds and polishes.

Cosmetic Repairs

South coast yacht care has the skills to carry out various cosmetic repairs you boat may require; Varnishing (external and internal), Anti slip deck coatings, Painting either by gun or hand, Bilge painting or gelcoating.

Stripes and boat names

Give your pride and joy a fresh modern look by replacing those damaged, faded stripes with any colour you desire. We often match stripes to the same colour as your spray hood, canvas or antifoul to ‘tie’ it all in together. Some boats have painted stripes that we can re-coat or we use vinyl stripes made from marine grade vinyl. We can also design and fit new boat names for you, with access to thousands of fonts we are very well placed to come up with a style that suits you and your boat. If your boat has a band of colour that does not respond to grp renovation, we can apply a length of vinyl over it in whatever colour takes your fancy, please see pics in gallery of ‘seasons’.

Sail and canvas cleaning

If your canvas or sails are looking somewhat tired and moldy, we can remove them from your boat and send them to a leading cleaning company based on the solent to have them laundered and re-proofed. This is a chemical added in the cleaning process which waterproofs the material making water‘bead up’ and run off on contact, like water off a ducks back!

Perspex and acryllic renovation

Scratches and dullness can all be removed from your boats windows and hatches using our  renovation service. With specialist buffing pads and polish we can restore some clarity to your views of the ocean!

Underwater hull cleaning

South Coast Yacht Care can use a specially developed brush to provide a weed clearance service to both sailing and motor yachts with both soft and hard antifouls. This service can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a lift, scrub and re-launch and dramatically reduces downtime of your vessel due to the fact the service can be carried out on its mooring.

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