Antifoul Services

Maintaining a good antifoul coating on the hull of your boat is all part of the necessary evil of annual maintenance. 2 fresh coats each year is standard and south coast yacht care can apply many makes and types to suit boat and how you use it.
We can use the conventional method of application which is by roller and brush or for the boat owner who desires the very best performance from their craft, spray application is a must! This leaves a coating which is as smooth as the surface on the topsides of your boat thus creating less resistance as the boat moves through the water giving more speed and better fuel consumption. Please see pics in gallery of ‘twisted’.

In some cases, where a bad application has been carried out or when many seasons of antifoul coatings exist, the coatings should be removed either by scraping off or shot blasting, then 2 coats of primer will be applied followed by 2 coats of antifoul. Please do not hesitate to ask us to evaluate your boat and give you some free, friendly advice!

Along with the antifoul coatings on your hull,  south coast yacht care can  carry out services to your outdrives including anode and antifoul replacement, de-scale and polish shafts and stern gear and remove your bow thruster propeller to clean and re-antifoul the blades.

Underwater hull cleaning

South Coast Yacht Care can use a specially developed brush to provide a weed clearance service to both sailing and motor yachts with both soft and hard antifouls. This service can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a lift, scrub and re-launch and dramatically reduces downtime of your vessel due to the fact the service can be carried out on its mooring.

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